One Jackson Square

Another angle on the newest addition to my nabe. Greenwhich Street at 8th Avenue.


14th Street Festival

I went to go pick up some groceries and stumbeld on this scene at 14th St and 8th Ave.

I Sat Across From This Giant Orange Purse

Shot a few weeks ago on my way to work.


E Train

I ride the E Train far more than anybody should have to... The one thing that makes it bearable is the interesting people that are also riding with me.

8th Avenue

Part of the point behind doing this blog is the simple fact that I can take a shot and then just email it directly from my phone. This is the first test shot to see how it works. Clearly it does work. Now if I can just figure out how to add tags in the email.


While sitting in the middle of formerly traffic bound Broadway (and now filled with chairs, tables, and planters) alongside the Flatiron a few weeks ago, I took a moment to look up and see the Flatiron from a different angle.

Penn Troy

Penn Troy is a company that makes valves for fire hydrants... I imagine there are Penn Troy valves all over the country. This one is in front of the bodega on 8th Avenue and 13th street.

Jackson Square

Last month while walking home, I past by the nearly completed One Jackson Square on Greenwich Street and 8th Avenue. The sky was such an incredible blue, and the few puffy clouds a nice orangy-pink. When I posted this shot on flickr, I hadn't intended it to go on my blog... But after the warm response on my flickr, and it later being posted on Curbed, I decided it was definitely blog worthy.

1 2 3 F V L

In most of America the public pay phone is nearly a thing of the past... But not in Manhattan... They are everywhere... Nobody uses them much, but they rake in a lot of money by being plastered with advertisements. So long as the revenue stream from advertising comes in, they phones will remain. This one found at 7th Avenue and 12th Street. The receiver was hanging when I walked past.


Found along 8th Avenue near 13th Street as I was walking to the subway on my morning commute.


I was very excited when this this photo along with another were published in the New York Times Lens Blog on July 10th, 2009. In late June, the NY Time's  put out a request for submissions of images taken with cell phones and I submitted three images. Of the more than 1500 images they received, I am honored to have two of my three published (alongside about 300 other shots). I am in the first and third row... Very exciting! This shot taken recently on my morning commute on the E train with my iPhone 3GS, using the ToyCamera App. See this photo (above) on my flickr.

Please Do Not Honk

This being the first post on iPhoneography, I must first state that I was quite shocked that the domain www.iphoneography.blogspot.com had not been taken yet... How is this possible? Well, it is, and it is mine! Yay. The purpose of this blog is to present various images I have taken with my iPhone it a very casual way. Unlike my other photoblog which I admittedly take more seriously, I want this to be all about simple randomness and new images all the time.